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I need to develop an application using WebSockets and Haxe.
I came upon this lib:
But it's outdated.
Then I found this blog post:
But the links to the code are broken :(

So, anyone out there knows any other WebSocket resource for Haxe?
If not, does someone has a clue where to start looking to start implementing my own solution?


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If you use node.js as a platform, I'd recommend you to make bindings to If you use another platform, I'd recommend to use as a reference implementation, or just port it to haxe, which shouldn't be that hard.

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I agree using NodeJS would be the easiest path forward on this one. Might be worth asking on the mailing list. – Jason O'Neil Oct 7 '12 at 3:27

The lib you mentioned is indeed outdated. Luckily, someone made a new one, supporting the latest websocket protocol:

...however, it's still a bit lower level than nodejs/

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I recently started using Haxe-Js-Kit and it has decent bindings for a lot of nodejs libs including Socket.IO.

Make sure you use the dev branch for development as it is quite more advanced than the haxelib or master branch.

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I am using haxe for a websockets application and using the js libraries:

import js.html.WebSocket;

Using the following function to connect to the server.

private function connect() {
    trace("Calling connect");
    try {
    websocket = new WebSocket(connectionString());
    websocket.onclose = onClose;
    websocket.onerror = onServerConnectionError;

    var openStream = initializeElementStream(cast websocket, "open");
    var eventStream = initializeElementStream(cast websocket, "message");

    var closeStream = initializeElementStream(cast websocket, "close");

    var errorStream = initializeElementStream(cast websocket, "error");
    }catch(err : Dynamic) {
        trace("Error establishing connection " + err);
    trace("Connection successful");

Will this work for you. I am sticking to standard js libraries for my project. This has worked for me since the project has no external dependencies.

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