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I'm having an issue with git repositories suddenly ballooning to very large sizes.

Here is the setup.

A git master repo is here with about 900megs of files and and objects file that is 1.8g:

[gitmaster.local] du -hs 
2.7G    .
[gitmaster.local]$ cd .git/objects/
[gitmaster.local]$ du -hs
1.8G    .

I do run some maintenance on this repo to keep it clean. Daily I run these 2 commands in a script:

GIT_PROG2="/usr/bin/git-reflog expire --expire=now --all"

and weekly I run these:

GIT_PROG2="/usr/bin/git-reflog expire --expire=now --all"
GIT_PROG3="/usr/bin/git-repack -a -d --depth=250 --window=250 -f " 

There are a few different git client that pull from this server roughly every 15-30 minutes. They are pulling the exact same thing via a cron job with a simple 'git pull'. Weekly these repos do a:

GIT_PROG2="/usr/bin/git-reflog expire --expire=now --all"

However, occasionally, one of them will spiral out of control and fill up it's disk space with .git/objects filling up 99.9% of the space. All it's doing is a simple 'git pull'.

1.3G    .
1.3G    .
1.3G    .
gitclient004  <-- woops!
101.2G  .
1.3G    .
1.3G    .

My current solution when this happens is to blow it away and reclone with a depth=1. As I don't really care about the historical data so much. I'd rather it be operational than worry about a few days of changes.

Clearly, I'd rather this run smoothly. What might be causing this behavior to occur? Any thoughts or suggestions on where to look?


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Are there large binary files in your repo. I wonder if git is deciding to keep copies rather than calculating deltas or big files. Have you tried a newer/different version of git as well? – Adrian Cornish Oct 6 '12 at 2:57
No binaries, just a bunch of json and txt files. The largest file is a directory at 1.1M (not counting the json's inside it) – wootini Oct 7 '12 at 16:22
Damnit, had another one today. Any help in tracking this down, or where to start much appreciated. – wootini Oct 9 '12 at 21:23
Have you tried upgrading git - I see latest version is v1.7.12.2 – Adrian Cornish Oct 9 '12 at 22:15
Sorry it is actually v1.7.12.3 – Adrian Cornish Oct 9 '12 at 22:21

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Have you tried running git fsck and seeing if it reports anything that could explain the problem?

You could perhaps script a bit and pass the blobs to git show <sha>1 |wc to see if there are any big ones.

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