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I have an array full of dictionaries corresponding to a homework object. Each dictionary has an entry named Date holding an NSDate! Each dictionary also has an entry for Title holding an NSString I want to use a TAPKU calendar to show, in the table view below, the Title string if the user taps on a date and there is a homework due on that day! How can I achieve this? Thanks!

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Looked for tutorials but have been unable to find any updated ones! –  WayWay Oct 5 '12 at 22:13

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In the end, the updated Tapku demo project provided the exact answer I needed! https://github.com/devinross/tapkulibrary

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Tapku calendar has a method

- (void)calendarMonthView:(TKCalendarMonthView *)monthView didSelectDate:(NSDate *)d {}`

where "d" is the date tapped. With this date you can do everything. Use it in class where you implement the calendar.

My example, where i change title of button with data from array witch contains text for a lot of dates:

- (void)calendarMonthView:(TKCalendarMonthView *)monthView didSelectDate:(NSDate *)d {
    [self setEditButtonTitle:d];

- (void)setEditButtonTitle : (NSDate*) d{
    for (int i=0; i<[array count]; i++) {
        if (/*  compare if NSDate from my array is equal to "d" */){
            [editButton setTitle:[array objectAtIndex:i] forState:UIControlStateNormal];

Part with homework i don't understand :(

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