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I'm trying to create a very simple email signup form, where the user can just enter their email and press submit.

I'd like the signup form to be a partial, so I can use it anywhere on the site.

Forms are coded like this: <%= form_for @subscription do |f| %>

How to do tell the form that @subscription is a Subscription.new if, say, the current view, controller, and action is the home page?


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As an option you can do:

<%= form_for Subscription.new do |f| %>

One thing though, I haven't tried this myself. Try it and see if it works.


Sorry, I didn't get the question in the first read. You can set the @subscription instance variable to Subscription.new in the home controller, and then, pass it to the partial (inside the main view) like this:

<%= render partial, :subscription => @subscription %> 

Hope this helps.

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You'll have to make sure that @subscription is instantiated before calling the partial ... or do :

 <%= form_for @subscription || Subscription.new do |f| %>

So if @subscription exists, it uses it. If not, it'll fall back to Subscription.new

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You can declare @subscription as Subscription.new right in the home action

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