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I'm trying to implement a feature like this:

I would running a server, and then the users would come to the server and submit their jobs(I just need to run the jobs sequentially). Each job would take a long time to complete, and there are lots of status (like how many tweets downloaded already etc.) for each job, and I wish to present the status to the users. I'm implementing the job objects as a class, i.e.

Class Job:
   def __init__():
      initial status
   def do_download():
      do download 
   def report_status():
      return [self.tweets_downloaded, self.bad_tweets...]

However, I'm kind of trapped here because I can't call 'report_status()' while the server is running do_download(). Anybody has any suggestions? I appreciate it.

I ended up with using a thread to execute the "do_download" function. And in main thread just call "report_status" it would give me the status of how the job was doing.

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Use Celery or another task queuing system. All of your jobs will be run in separate processes (no worrying about thread safety or the GIL) and can update a central data store with progress as often as you want.

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Thx Andrew. I tried to use Celery but it seems too heavy for my little task : ) – eddie.xie Oct 7 '12 at 13:52
Okay, but be aware that your task may be deceptively complex! – Andrew Gorcester Oct 8 '12 at 3:42

do your long running job in a Thread that updates some status.txt file that you scan in report_status

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That's almost what I did after searching a while. I used a separate thread to launch a class method, and the status are kept in the class as class variables. So that I could call another class method called "report" in the main thread to reporting the status. Thank you very much Joran – eddie.xie Oct 7 '12 at 13:55

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