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I have a bunch of text files I need to temporarily concatenate so that I can pass a single file (representing all of them) to some post-processing script.

Currently I am doing:

zcat *.rpt.gz > tempbigfile.txt

However this tempbigfile.txt is 3.3GB, while the original size of the folder with all the *.rpt.gz files is only 646MB! So I'm temporarily quadroupling the disk space used. Of course after I can call with tempbigfile.txt, it's done and I can rm the tempbigfile.txt.

Is there a solution to not create such a huge file and still get all those files together in one file object?

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You're deflating the files with zcat, so you should compress the text once more with gzip:

zcat *.rpt.gz | gzip > tempbigfile.txt
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du -sh tempbigfile 156M You're awesome, thanks! – JDS Oct 5 '12 at 22:36

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