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If i have three variables with integer and want to find which one is the largest one(not only the max integer), e.g if a is 3, b is 4 and c is 5, the I want to know c is the largest rather than return a 5 to me. How to achieve this or I should use

use List::Util

$d = max($a,$b,$c);
if($d == $a){}
elsif($d == $b){}
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By using separate variables, you make pretty much anything impossible. Say you were using an array instead.

my @a = (3,4,5);

my $max_idx = 0;
for my $idx (1..$#a) {
   $max_idx = $idx
      if $a[$idx] > $a[$max_idx];

say $max_idx;
say $a[$max_idx];
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  • Store the values in the array

  • Loop over every INDEX in the array (hint: use 0..#$arrayName construct)

  • Keep, in a separate 2 variables, $current_max_value and $current_max_index

  • When you find a value greater than $current_max_value, store it in $current_max_value and store current index in $current_max_index

  • When the loop finishes, you found your index of largest element ($current_max_index)

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This is easy using PDL, even for very large datasets.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

use PDL;

my $pdl = pdl( 3,4,5 );
my (undef, $max, undef, $max_index) = $pdl->minmaximum;

print "Max: $max (at index $max_index)\n";
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