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i am curious how i go about using the

putExtra("something", something);

in a intent to a new activity inside my application,

Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), MainActivity.class);
i.putExtra("something", something)

I need to know how i would the sending and receiving end would look like, For Loading a specific layout file depending on what was sent via the putExtra in the intent.

So if i send the i.putExtra("a", a) on the receiving end, it would create a content view with R.layout.a_layout.xml

but if i sent i.putExtra("b", b) it would load R.layout.b_layout.xml

Any ideas?

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One nifty way of doing this would be to say:

Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), MainActivity.class);
i.putExtra("layout", R.layout.a_layout.xml);

to send the correct layout to your new class. Then in the new class, you can use:

int layout = getIntent().getIntExtra("layout", R.layout.default_layout);
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+1 for our default layout idea ;) – JRaymond Oct 5 '12 at 22:42

Send the int representing your layout:

i.putExtra("layout_id", R.layout.my_layout1);

and load it

setContentView(getIntent().getIntExtra("layout_id", R.layout.default_layout);
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A value such as R.layout.a_layout is just an int. So, just use putExtra("Key", R.layout.a_layout);.

Then, on your receiving activity, just pass that same int to setContentView(), like:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
    int layout = getIntent().getIntExtra("Key", -1);
    if (layout != -1)
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