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I've been trying to solve my problem but I couldn't u_u

Well, let's see. I need to send an email (which I can do) but the last requirement was that I needed to attach a certificate (SSL) and that was the problem. This is my code:

        // @param _smimePw         keystore password = "techbrainwave"
    // @param _alias         keystore password = "certificatekey"

    // get the S/MIME EncryptionUtilities
    ##EncryptionUtils smimeUtils = EncryptionManager.getEncryptionUtils(EncryptionManager.SMIME);##

    // load the S/MIME keystore from the given file.
    char[] smimePw = new String("techbrainwave").toCharArray();
    EncryptionKeyManager smimeKeyMgr = smimeUtils.createKeyManager();
    smimeKeyMgr.loadPrivateKeystore(new FileInputStream(new File("C:\\j2sdk1.4.2_18\\bin\\truststore.jks")), smimePw);

    // get our keys. smimeKey = smimeKeyMgr.getPrivateKey("certificatekey", smimePw);


    // write smime message.
    MimeMessage smimeSignedMsg = smimeUtils.signMessage(mailSession, msg, smimeKey);
    Transport tr = mailSession.getTransport("smtp");
    tr.connect(SMTPServer, "", "");
    smimeSignedMsg.saveChanges(); // don't forget this
    tr.sendMessage(smimeSignedMsg, smimeSignedMsg.getAllRecipients());

The line that is marked is where the following exception brings my code down: No provider configured for S/MIME at net.suberic.crypto.EncryptionManager.getEncryptionUtils(

I took the example from this link:

I hope you can help me please. I have two days with this problem and I don't know where the problem is. What I try to do is to attach a SSL certificate to my mail that is the resume of my problem. If there's another way to solve it I'll be grateful to see it.

Thanks in advance.


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This error means that no component was found that provides this service.
I am not sure if java's default providers actually do offer this. If you have already swapped to the unrestricted files my guess is that you need a third-party provider.
Use Bouncy Castle and by quick googling there is a mention of the following needed in your case (for a problem like yours):



and bouncy castle libraries.
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I got the same exception when I used the BouncyCastle libraries "..jdk15on-149.jar". But with the older version "..jdk16-1.46.jar" it worked :)

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