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I am working in a Spring 3.1 application and I need to find a String template document located in Alfresco's repository. I can already create a file in alfresco with OpenCMIS, but I couldn't figure out how to find a template, so if anyone knows how to do it or point me an example, please let me know, thanks in advance!

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There are a number of options you can use. First of all, you need to have a criteria that uniquely identifies your document. Here below I'll show some, hopefully your case falls in one of them or they will inspire you towards a proper solution. The following uses pseudo code, please have a look to the OpenCMIS dev guide for working with the Java client API.


Once you create a Document via CMIS, you get the unique ID of it that you can store in your application for later retrieval.

Map<String, Object> templateProperties = createDocumentProperties();
Folder folder = getTemplatesFolder();
ObjectId templateId = createTemplateIn(folder);
storeTemplateId(templateId.getId(), templateProperties); // persist the ID
// later on
String id = getTemplateId(); // retrieve the ID
Session session = openCMISSession();
Document template = (Document)session.getObject(id);


Similar to the previous example, you will have to take note of where you stored the document instead of its ID, or having a way to construct the path by hand.

String path = getTemplatePath(); // either recover it from DB or construct a path
Document template = (Document)session.getObjectByPath(path);


Let's say you can use a specific metadata field on a template Document that allows you to easily retrieve it afterwards (e.g. you created some specific Alfresco metadata model for your use case).

String meta = TemplateProperties.TEMPLATE_ID; // e.g. my:templateId
String type = TemplateProperties.TEMPLATE_TYPE; // e.g. my:template
String templateMeta = "TEMPLATE1";
Map<String, Object> templateProperties = createDocumentProperties();
templateProperties.put(meta, templateMeta);
templateProperties.put(PropertyIds.OBJECT_TYPE_ID, type);
// later on
String type = TemplateProperties.TEMPLATE_TYPE; // e.g. my:template
String meta = TemplateProperties.TEMPLATE_ID;
String tplId = "TEMPLATE1";
String query = String.format("SELECT * FROM % WHERE % = '%'", type, meta, tplId);
ItemIterable<QueryResult> i = session.query(query, false);
QueryResult qr = i.iterator().next(); // let's assume we have one single match
String templateId = qr.getPropertyByQueryName("cmis:objectId").getFirstValue()
Document template = (Document)session.getObject(templateId);


The previous approach is not really tied to search by property name, and can be easily extended to use any kind of query that identifies your templates. Have a look at the Alfresco page on its CMIS query language implementation details to learn more ways of querying the repository.

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thanks dude for your explanation, that's what I was trying to do.. now that I have the document, would you know what method of the session object should I use , so I can retrieve the document in a format that String Template can understand? –  Floyd Barber Oct 7 '12 at 11:08
do you mean StringTemplate? That might be worth a separate question, as this is more on the finding stuff topic. –  skuro Oct 7 '12 at 16:03
Ok I will open another Question and thank you for the response, cheers! –  Floyd Barber Oct 9 '12 at 15:04
Hope it helped! Please accept the answer if you found it useful ;-) –  skuro Oct 10 '12 at 5:29

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