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I have two strings I want to combine and have not exceed a certain width.

$string = sprintf("%4(%s %s)", $s1, $s2);
//s1 s

Notice how the combined %s %s did not exceed a width of 4.

How can I do this with sprintf?


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You probably need to add more detail to your question - what do you want to happen if the fields are longer than 3 characters (4 - one space)?

But maybe this is what you want:

sprintf("%.4s", "$s1 $s2");

That will output the combined string "$s1 $s2", pruned to 4 characters. Of course substr would do the same, this might be useful in the context of a longer format string.

To be honest I hadn't realised before that the precision specifier (. followed by number) could be used with %s.

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Currently I have them concat'd now (like you did), but I thought there might be a way in (s)printf. Thanks! –  tau Oct 6 '12 at 0:06
@tau, the alternative would maybe calculating the padding width with strlen, that would give you more flexibility (eg if you wanted to left justify $s1 and right-justify $s2, but to share as much space as possible). –  therefromhere Oct 6 '12 at 0:14

Im not sure how to do so with sprintf but you can use substr() to do so;

$string = substr("$s1 $s2",0,4);

This should return the same result

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