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How in VB.net would you take a date say today. And then find the what the date of Monday or Friday of the following week. If today is Thursday and I am searching for the next Friday then I would want tomorrow's date?

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this worked.. and accepted the answer. Thanks for you help –  Nikon0266 Oct 8 '12 at 14:31

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You could use the DayOfWeek enumeration to find this:

Private Function GetNextDate(day As DayOfWeek) As DateTime
    Dim now As DateTime = DateTime.Today
    Dim today As Integer = CInt(now.DayOfWeek)
    Dim find As Integer = CInt(day)

    Dim delta As Integer = find - today
    If delta > 0 Then
        Return now.AddDays(delta)
        Return now.AddDays(7 - delta)
    End If
End Function

Using your example, if you call:

Dim date = GetNextDate(DayOfWeek.Friday)

You'd get tomorrow's date

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