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I have a repo with subrepos, and would like to do hg serve.

On other computer, I tried

hg clone http://address:8000/ new_repo

Scenario 1: when my original repo had, in .hgsub, lines of the form:

sub_repo_1 = sub_repo_1
sub_repo_2 = sub_repo_2

I got on other computer:

Requesting all changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
updating to branch default
abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

(the serve computer just waits after that)

(and only the sub_repo_1 inside new_repo. I have tried update, pull... with errors)

I have tried to actually clone separately sub_repo_2, and kept getting Error 404 (bot on sending and receiving computer).

Scenario 2: Same thing happened when I replaced in .hgsub the lines with

sub_repo_1 = http://address/sub_repo_1
sub_repo_2 = http://address/sub_repo_2

Is hg serve unable to serve subrepos ? Or - what am I doing wrong ?

Note: I have updated the hgrc files inside the subrepos to match the paths in the .hgsub, each time.

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I would like to do the same. I am thinking about hacking hg serve?!?! –  stephenmm Dec 19 '13 at 19:30

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You can use TortoiseHG to host a mercurial server for a repository that has subrepositories. TortoiseHG actually calls hg serve with a different web.config file it creates.

To host using TortoiseHG, go to Repository -> Web Server... in TortoiseHG Workbench.

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I am using HgService to host the repositories and it's the solution I found working.

If you are using HgService, you'll need to edit the web.config file and restart the service.

If the [paths] in the web.config is setup like this:

remote_repo = "path/to/remote_repo"

Add the double star (**) to the path like this:

remote_repo = "path/to/remote_repo/**"
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