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previously to me upgrading to iOS 6, I had gamecenter working as it should. Now I cannot seem to pass achievements to the gamecenter. The achievement happens, notifies the user with an alert but says "not achieved" in the game center. I have made a sandbox account and the app has not yet been reviewed.

This is how I was previously sending an achievement to game center:

 [gameCenterManager submitAchievement:@"shareFacebook" percentComplete:100];

Is this not right anymore? I previously implemented this from the tutorial by

Thanks in advance

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Make sure your gameCenterManager is not nil. – Adam Oct 6 '12 at 9:34
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This is how I'm doing it and seems to work well enough in iOS 6:

- (void) reportAchievementIdentifier: (NSString*) identifier percentComplete: (float) percent
    GKAchievement *achievement = [[GKAchievement alloc] initWithIdentifier: identifier];
    if (achievement)
        achievement.percentComplete = percent;
        [achievement reportAchievementWithCompletionHandler:^(NSError *error)
             if (error != nil)
                 NSLog(@"Error in reporting achievements: %@", error);

Hope this helps!

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