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I'm trying to create a odt document by using PyQt4. The document involves inserting multiple lines text into cells. My example code:

from PyQt4 import QtGui

doc = QtGui.QTextDocument()
cur = QtGui.QTextCursor(doc)
table = cur.insertTable(1, 2)
# The cursor is moved to the first cell of the table
cur.insertText("""line 1
line 2""")

writer = QtGui.QTextDocumentWriter()
writer.setFormat(writer.supportedDocumentFormats()[1]) # ODF Format

I want 'line 1' and 'line 2' to be in the same cell, but they are in different cells due to the line break. This also had the same effect as the code above:

cur.insertText('line 1\n')
cur.insertText('line 2\n')
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