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Is there a control to show an animated gif in a Windows Store (Metro) app in Windows 8? I am using C# and XAML with databinding.

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The Image control doesn't support animated GIFs. You will need to extract the frames and animate them on your own timer.

You should take a look at this link which might help you regarding your question:

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You cannot display an animated gif in a grid. However, you can display an animated gift in the webview controller.

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Just for a note: you can use the BitmapDecoder class to read the GIF frames, create a storyboard an animated them.

I've got an example of an Windows 8 user control on my blog:

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I managed to display gif's in my windows 8 metro app simply by converting the gifs to jpegs and then running an infinite loop.

The code is as follows :

public async void UpdateImage() {

        await Task.Delay(300);

        var frame = this.Frame.CurrentSourcePageType.Name;

        if (frame != ("CURRENTFRAME")) return;
        if (count <= 4)
            var img = (BitmapImage) Resources["bitmap" + count];
            imgTap.Source = img;
            count = 1;

So basically I'm saving the converted jpegs in my page.resources and then naming them as bitmap1,bitmap2 .. etc . I m checking whether the current frame is the frame which has to display the gif or else the gif code would run in the background for the entire time which is a waste of memory and CPU. Just call this method on any of the Loaded method and it should run fine.

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This is probably overkill, but you could try using a WebView to display the GIF. The WebView control introduces its own set of headaches, however, so unless you're willing to deal with said headaches, I would recommend avoiding it unless you absolutely have to use it.

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If I am right then Silverlight doesn't support GIF and Metro Apps are based on Silverlight platform. Hence dont contain support for GIF images natively. You can however use 3rd party controls like

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I am trying this method, but I find it overkill to use direct-x to display a gif. If it works, I'll mark this as answer. – John Koerner Oct 7 '12 at 21:28

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