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Is there a good API or other possible solution to the following?

I am trying to track club membership and discrete "check in" events/activities using QR codes. First I generate a QR code with an embedded URL to a web page with member information (random/obscured URLs with shortened links) and print that QR code on a label and attach it to a membership card. I then scan the QR code with Red Laser or some other reader to access the shortened URL and the "hidden" member information.

My issue is that I have 100s (eventually thousands) of QR codes to track so I'm looking for a simple tool or API to manage all of these obscure links and see how often they have been accessed by Red Laser (or a browser if someone manages to discover any of these obscured links).

I tried Google Analytics but I wasn't able to get the level of "fine tune" control I'd like. What I really want is the ability to map this information (e.g., member contact info, obscure links, number of times clicked, etc.) to a format like

Grateful for any suggestions.

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Just a hint. Keep in mind that a QR Code does not have to encode a URL: the information can instead be an arbitrary sequence of letters and numbers (your goal seems to be to make "obscure links") – Peter O. Oct 6 '12 at 3:23
why don't you use chartbeat? – gok Oct 6 '12 at 20:07

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