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Just trying to do some security on my website and trying to figure out the best route to secure an ID. EXAMPLE: localhost/page.php?user_id=1 TO: localhost/share/df9sdf87423498asf9

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That's not security, that's security by obscurity.

Proper security requires that on your server side in page.php, verify that the currently authenticated user has access to the given ID.

If you don't use authentication and pages are only intended to be viewed once, check the answers to this question for a random number generator.

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You can look into using UUID instead of auto-increment user ids.


To be clear, this is by no means "encryption". It is simply an alternative way to using 1,2,3,4... as primary key for users' table. Bare in mind that using UUID instead of incremental numbers will result in higher I/O because insertions are going in random locations in the index tree, not sequentially as the incremental ids.

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