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I have a text file this is a small part of him its format:

SOURCE: <MVI_2483.AVI_Automatic>
Frame 000000: 5977,40775,174395,305855,265805
Frame 000001: 5432,21333,456789,123456,111111

Now every line Frame.....Have 256 numbers 5977,40775,174395,305855,265805 In the example i show here only 5 numbers but each line/frame have 256 numbers.

In Form1 i have a List: List Histograms

What i need to do is to read the text file in this case the text file name is Histograms.txt to read the text file and each line/frame with 256 numbers i need to add back to the List. So the List Histograms will be in the end that in index [0] for example i will have 256 indexes in [0] 5977 in 1 40775 in [2] 174395 in [3] 305955 in [4] 265805 and so on 256 numbers.

Then in index 1 again 256 numbers ... Then in index [2] and so on...

In the end i should have in the List 3803 index that each index have inside 256 index that each one contain a number.

This is the code of how i am writing the text file when the List is with the numbers and then when i am running the program again i need that it will read and load the text file back to the List. When i am running the program the List is empty.

private void WriteHistograms() // For automatic mode only for now
    HistogramsFile = new StreamWriter(_outputDir + "\\" + averagesListTextFileDirectory + "\\"  + "Histograms.txt", false, Encoding.ASCII);
    HistogramsFile.WriteLine("DANNY VIDEO HISTOGRAM DATA\r\nFORMAT VERSION:1.00\r\nSOURCE: " + "<" + averagesListTextFile + ">" + "\r\nDATA: ");
    for (int i = 0; i < Histograms.Count; i++)
        HistogramsFile.Write("Frame " + i.ToString("D6") + ": ");
        for (int x = 0; x < Histograms[i].Length; x++ )
            HistogramsFile.Write(Histograms[i][x] + ",");

Now i have another function: LoadHistograms(), i need to read the text file and add back the numbers to the List.

I added now a photo of the List how it is when writing it to the text file and how the List should looks like after reading it back from the text file.

enter image description here

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You can have a fairly good idea how to get it done by using this piece of code.

string line;
List<long[]> list = new List<long[]>();

using (StreamReader file = new StreamReader(@"..\..\Histograms.txt"))
    do { line = file.ReadLine(); } while (!line.Trim().Equals("DATA:"));                               

    while ((line = file.ReadLine()) != null)
        long[] valArray = new long[256];

        var split = line.Split(new char[] { ':' });
        if (split.Length == 2)
            var valArrayStr = split[1].Split(new char[] { ',' });
            for (int i = 0; i < valArrayStr.Length; i++)
                int result;
                if (int.TryParse(valArrayStr[i].Trim(), out result))
                    valArray[i] = result;

Happy Coding...

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