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So I'm trying to write a greasemonky script, and want to toggle a particular div class based off a span value in the same tree. This will be tied to a button action.

The best I came up with is this...


In order to reach up the tree and hide the div class I want, I have to add all those .parent() selectors. This method also does not seem to play well with the remaining items left in the table.

I would rather do something like this, but it wont hide the div class...


Is there a more elegant way of hiding a particular div class based off a span value? Thanks for any help.

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you should try $('div.inline-block.carousel-cell:has(span[data-doc="true"])').toggle(); to do so. please check this fiddle link

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Dude, you're brilliant! It worked. Thanks for the fast reply! – Myne Mai Oct 6 '12 at 5:00

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