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I want to generate a random number with 1 decimal point between min_time and m_time, like 0.3

Now I have a really quirk solution

m_time = 0.5
min_time = 0.2
float(randint(int(min_time * 10), int(m_time * 10))) / 10

it works, but I'm wondering if there is a better solution?

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I think the preferred way is to uniformly choose a floating number between min_time and max_time and then use the built-in round function (to the first decimal place):

round(random.uniform(min_time, max_time), 1)
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How could I not think about this simple solution? Thanks! – mko Oct 6 '12 at 10:13
import decimal
import random

-- i and j belong your limit like 2 and 3

decimal.Decimal('%d.%d' % (random.randint(0,i),random.randint(0,j)))
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I think what you have is pretty ok. Although you could also write it like this

0.1*randint(int(min_time * 10), int(m_time * 10))

The other obvious option is

round(random.random()*(m_time-min_time)+min_time, 1)
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