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I have the following route set up:

        new { action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional }

and the following links:


Is there some way that I can create a routemap so that entering:


Would direct the request to the MyAccount area, Access controller and Login/Logout or Register methods? If I have the routemap then can it belong inside the routemap of the MyAccount area or does it need to be outside that?

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You really should be specific with your routes. If you want something outside of the standard routes, add those to your route tables.

        new { controller="Access", action = "Login"}

Add that before your default route. The other option is to use our default route, but in addition use something like the AttributeRouting project at https://github.com/mccalltd/AttributeRouting and specify your additional route on your action methods in each controller.

note that you could code on your Login action method something like:

public ActionResult Login()

so your default routes would be used and in addition this extended route. I believe that should work anyways :)

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