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I'm trying to create a Blender add-on that syncs it with Gimp. So, I have a python-fu plug-in for Gimp and I want to achieve this: when I open Gimp from Blender(with Python), Gimp should run this plug-in immediately(at start-up)! But, how can I do that?

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This is a sort of duplicate of: How to use GIMP inside a Python script? (at least the accepted answer also answers this question).

The following article may also be helpful: Python-Fu #4 - Using Python-Fu in Gimp Batch Mode.

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Well, it worked with this: cmd = " (python-fu-bgsync RUN-NONINTERACTIVE)"; subprocess.Popen(['gimp', '-b', cmd])... Really strange, you register it like this(python_fu) and you call it like this(python-fu)... WTF? Anyway, thanks!!! –  Antoni4040 Oct 6 '12 at 11:15

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