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Is there any other way to retrieve data from a remote server in SQL Server 2005 instead of using linked server?

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Example from linked page:

    'Data Source=London\Payroll;Integrated Security=SSPI')
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thank you so much....... –  Danferd Lan Aug 14 '09 at 2:57

What exactly do you need to replace the linked server for? Using ad-hoc remote queries via OPENQUERY or OPENDATASOUCE is exactly the same as using a linked server. They offer no advantage whatsoever over linked server, just disadvantages: no granular access control, no proxy credentials definition, and add code maintenance problems when the remote server relocates.

Alternatives to linked servers (or the ad-hoc equivalent) are to either expose a copy of the data (replication, log shipping, hardware disk replication etc) or expose the data over some other channel like web services or Service Broker.

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SQL Server Integration Services, provided the retrieval can be scheduled / async and not real-time.

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can u briefly explain how to use SSIS to do that? –  Danferd Lan Aug 15 '09 at 6:58

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