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I'm trying to upload files to S3 using Perl.

According to this module:

...the following code will upload text files:

# create resource with meta data (attributes)
my $keyname = 'testing.txt';
my $value   = 'T';
   $keyname, $value,
   {   content_type        => 'text/plain',
       'x-amz-meta-colour' => 'orange',

However, how do you upload images (GIF, JPEG, PNG) to S3?



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That code won't upload the file - it's simply setting the value associated with the key "testing.txt" to "T". If you want to upload a file you could use the add_key_filename method:

The method works like add_key except the value is assumed to be a filename on the local file system. The file will be streamed rather then loaded into memory in one big chunk.

Something like:

        content_type => 'image/jpeg',

Adjust the content type as required.

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