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I had used Backup gem to create backup of Postgresql DB.

" backup perform -t my_backup " generate a my_backup.tar file in 2012. folder

tar file contain image.tar and .sql file.

What is the method to restore database from this tar file?

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Make a rake task (assuming your SQL file is named foo.sql)

namespace :db do
  task import: :environment do
    import_path = "/tmp/import"
    sql_file = "foo.sql"
    database_config = Rails.configuration.database_configuration[Rails.env]

    # Unpack
    system "tar xf my_backup.tar -C #{import_path}"
    system "gzip -df #{import_path}/#{sql_file}.gz"

    # Import
    system "psql --username=#{database_config['username']} -no-password #{database_config['database']} < #{import_path}/#{sql_file}"

Make sure your database user has a superuser or createdb role.

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I get a lot of errors like this: "invalid command \N" –  Jon Tirsen Sep 2 '14 at 13:48

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