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I'm using the user_save function in Drupal 6 to update a user's password on a custom module. The issue is that calling the user_save function to update the password causes Drupal to send the user an email stating that their account has been activated.

Anyone know of a way to stop Drupal from sending out this email?

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By looking into Drupal 7 Documentation here try following.

$conf['password_reset'] = FALSE;

Following other options are available, just in case you wish to use any other option.

  • 'register_admin_created': Welcome message for user created by the admin.
  • 'register_no_approval_required': Welcome message when user self-registers.
  • 'register_pending_approval': Welcome message, user pending admin approval.
  • 'password_reset': Password recovery request.
  • 'status_activated': Account activated.
  • 'status_blocked': Account blocked.
  • 'cancel_confirm': Account cancellation request.
  • 'status_canceled': Account canceled.
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I am using Drupal 6 (not 7), but anyways, you are referring to _user_mail_notify which is already called within user_save. I am trying to find out how to stop Drupal from sending out an email when invoking user_save. –  dstahc Oct 6 '12 at 15:12

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