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I follow what feels like a lot of mailing lists of libraries that I use and I think that there is a lot to learn by the questions people ask in them. I don't ask many questions in them and I answer some, but not lots of questions that people ask. I try to be the first to answer a question in which I know the answer, it's kind of a game almost. I feel that if I can get to the point where I can answer nearly every question that's asked, I've successfully learned the framework/library/etc.

Does anybody else feel that they've learned from following lists? Is it a waste of time?

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That game sounds a lot like the Stack Overflow game. :) –  Greg Hewgill Aug 14 '09 at 2:47
I think it's worth discussing, I feel like I do learn, but it's at a snails pace. I'm curious as to what others think. –  Chris Missal Aug 14 '09 at 2:50

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I've learned a lot from the Alt.Net mailing list, and my own local user group mailing list. One note on the local mailing list: not only is it an excellent way to learn new ideas, and keep up with what is going on, it is a great way to find local experts. People you can have over for a beer (or lesser beverage of choice) to discuss problems. For more involved issues, that is often the best way to solve them. I find that you are much more likely to find actual mentorship in these mailing lists as well -- and less RTFM (you don't get that as much when people can find out where you live).

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Yes of course. Reading a mailing list is essentially like being a fly on the wall of the meeting room of the product authors. How could you not benefit from that kind of exposure :).

Also, at the end of the day you are reading content riddled information about a subject you are interested in. True it's not a book and the occasional flame war / off topic threads popup. But it's still reading and interacting on some level with the subject matter you're interested in.

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Well, I dont think it is a waste of time, but to learn only by mailling lists without "getting hands on" that is a waste of time(my humild opinion)

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