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Can I somehow mixin a class with parameterized constructor?

Something like this:

class RenderedWithTemplates {
   def templates = []

   RenderedWithTemplates(templates) { ... }



@Mixin(RenderedWithTemplates(show: "showAddress.gsp", add: "addAddress.gsp")
class Address { ... }
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Did you try this code? – Artem Shafranov Oct 6 '12 at 11:28

I found the mixin proposal from 2007 [0], but the GroovyDefaultMethods#mixin [1] method has no support for parameterized mixins and neither has @Mixin.

As far as I can tell from the code example above, you need to find a way to mixin GSP view information that is tied to your (domain) classes. An alternative (and slightly groovier ;)) approach for this case would be to implement RenderedWithTemplates as annotation with a single closure parameter holding the GSP view information:

import java.lang.annotation.*

@interface RenderedWithTemplates {
    Class value()

@RenderedWithTemplates({ [show: "showAddress.gsp", add: "addAddress.gsp"] }) 
class Address {}

// shows how to read the map with all the GSP infos

def templateInfo = Address.getAnnotation(RenderedWithTemplates)
def gspMap = templateInfo.value().newInstance(this, this).call()



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