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During development of my chess rails app I have encountered a few times where after updating my Rails app on the next visit the Chrome browser was displaying the chessboard mangled and hitting refresh in the browser didn't fix the problem. I had to manually disable cache in Chrome and refresh to fix things. Maybe something about the css for the chessboard div's was screwed up I don't know. Sorry but I don't have a more detailed report of the problem.

If this can happen to me during development, then surely the users of my website will encounter this old caching problem and see a broken site. Does anyone have an idea of what was going on and how to prevent this?

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Pleas define "something broken". If we can't reproduce the problem you're seeing, then it makes it very hard for us to know what exactly is going wrong. – Ryan Bigg Oct 6 '12 at 8:44

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In Rails 3.2, asset pipeline takes care of caching for your CSS and JS.

Take a look at the above link to check it out. If you are not using Rails 3.2 use some kind of fingerprinting technique undo the caching.

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