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I'm making college network that will load tons of data with images, can I make the whole website with AJAX that never refreshs? can the browser handle that or it will stop working at some point and will need a refresh to flush the cashe? appreciate your answers :)

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Use ajax when needed. Don't overuse it! –  itachi Oct 6 '12 at 9:05
You might find stackoverflow.com/questions/7791193/… useful. –  zander Oct 6 '12 at 9:06

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You can make you website only based on AJAX driven pages. If you replace the content with new content you don't have to worry as the DOM get's rebuild with new content.

On the other hand, if you are making something like infinite scroll that will have an impact on client's browser as the larger the html need to be rendered the slower the browser gets.

As an answer: Yes, you can make your website fully AJAX, but here are some considerations:

  • think about Search Engines;
  • think about full URL to a certain page
  • think about content sharing

So use AJAX when you need it, not just for the sake of not reloading the page.

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As long as you code good (maintain control over the DOM and javascript code/bindings) i see no problems with it. The browser can handle an almost unlimited number of requests, due to the fact that i queues them. The only bottle neck would be network speed and device/browser processing speed.

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Refreshing is requesting a page. AJAX is requesting a page but with keeping your old request + the new request. (Changes the DOM)

so Yes you can ..

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