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Does anyone know where the source code for the VS source code extension for TypeScript can be found?

I wanted to have a snoop to see if I could plugin some primitive XML documentation features, but I don't appear to be able to find the source for the plugin.

I imagine it's possible to extend the language extension with a VS extension anyway, but I thought a look would help this process.

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The TypeScript project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license - but the plugins for the various IDE's are not necessarily open source.

The TypeScript for Visual Studio extension is downloadable from the Microsoft website, rather than Codeplex, which suggests it isn't open source at this time.

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There is a license agreement in the visx file. It's called TypeScript_License.rtf and licenses you to use, but not to alter the software. It is not open source. –  Stephen Ellis Oct 10 '12 at 9:19

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