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class Author(db.Model):
    name = db.StringProperty()

class Story(db.Model):
    author = db.ReferenceProperty(Author)

story = db.get(story_key)
author_name = story.author.name

author = db.get(author_key)
stories_by_author = author.story_set.get()

As is known; using ReferenceProperty is good solution for data relationship as exampled above. So; For example, we have a large amout of row in our "Author" and "Story" entities(tables). And after many years we deleted "Author" entity or replaced name propery to another name. Naturally; our app sholud throw error. Can this situation (managing code) reasonable or is performing relationships manually good? Is there any alternative model for this case?

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That's the tool provided by the datastore. If you want something more robust, you can build a class with destructors that always check their ReferenceProperties and clean them up.

This is kinda like asking whether pointers are a bad thing because you can leak memory and leave dangling pointers. Yes they are, but on some languages, that's the basic tool available. If you want something safer, build a wrapper around it. Or use another language (like Cloud SQL).

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