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I'm new to osgi and wonder if it is possible to have a centralized mechanism to update, install or remove bundles.

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Welcome to Stackoverflow! I have downvoted your question because it does not show any research-effort. When asking questions in the future, please describe what you have already tried/found. The more specific your question is the more likely you are to get help (and he more likely it is that your question helps others with the same problem). –  Björn Pollex Oct 8 '12 at 12:01

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There are two general ways to do that: Have you application to 'pull' bundles from a repository hosting bundles and update itself, or have an external provisioning application 'push' bundles to your application.

For pull solutions I'd say there is:

  • Eclipse P2 Used by the update manager of Eclipse. Mature, stable, but can be a bit tricky to get into, also I'm not sure if P2 works with other OSGi runtimes than Eclipse Equinox
  • Apache Bundle Repository (OBR) A bit easier, and it's in the OSGi spec.

For push solutions I'd say have a look at Apache Ace, from your question I think that is closest to what you want to do.

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Yes. You can do this programmatically, which means there are a large number of bundles that provide you out-of-the-box solutions. It is so easy (and so much fun) that for many people one of their first bundles is a little "management agent" (as the OSGi specification calls this part).

The absolute simplest solution is Apache File Install. It tracks a directory and installs/uninstalls from there. Couple this to Google Drive or Dropbox and you have a large scale fully automated deploy model (it also handles configuration, which is quite important).

The OSGi specification now has an OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR) specification. This is a very powerful model to describe dependencies (not just bundles) that allow management agents to calculate/leverage dependencies. This is supported out of the box on Felix.

There are a myriad of solutions that manage OSGi frameworks. There is commercial support with Paremus, IBM Tivoli, ProSyst and many others. And open source with Apache ACE and fusebundles.

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I have looked into fileinstall but I want to have the control over which bundle I want to install/uninstall or start/stop bundles. For ex. there are two new bundles that I need to install/update, but I just want to update one of them and postpone the other one later on. AS I understand FileInstall install/update bundles as soon as they arrive to the destination folder. –  Quan Nguyen Oct 8 '12 at 12:46

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