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I registered a German and an English name for my Windows 8 app in the Windows Store Dashboard.

Afterwards I created two files in my solution:

Strings/de/Resources.resw with name "AppName" and value "German Title"
Strings/en/Resources.resw with name "AppName" and value "English Title"

Then I clicked on Edit App Manifest. In the display name field I entered "ms-resource:/AppName" but when I want to build my app I get an error which says that "NamedResource" cannot be found.

What am I doing wrong?

The documentation only writes: "Display Name: Specifies the friendly name for the app that is displayed to users. This string is localizable". But I have only one field (called Display name) in my app manifest to indicate my app name.

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Ok. I've found it! For the "Display name" in "Package.appxmanifest" I have to enter "ms-resource:AppName". One should also enter "ms-resource:AppName" for the "Package display name" field (in tab Packaging).

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