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Which are the best third party WPF controls available in market currently?

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"Best" depends on your needs...what do you need? –  Bubblewrap Aug 14 '09 at 13:26

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As Bubblewrap commented, "best" depends on what your needs are and which vendors are fulfilling them.

Here is a nice list of WPF control vendors that you can look through to help decide.

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Here are some examples:

WPF ToolKit, SyncFusion, Infragistics

We use the Docking Manager from Infragistics for the layout. The profiler results were good. BUT like SyncFusion: it is commercial.

Like Bubblewrap wrote: Depends on your needs.

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You can try Syncfusion WPF controls, you have 30 day free trial.


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You should definitely evaluate DevExpress. Their WPF and SL controls have the same foundation = same functionalities, same APIs. For example, their grid (under others) is one of the best there is.

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Syncfusion is really good in supporting all WPF Design patterns like MVVM, Prism, etc. They have ready to run samples for these patterns also.

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