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I am writing a windows php 5.3.5 intranet website to interface a filemaker pro 11 database server. I use the filemaker odbc driver version. I want to retrieve image file that are stored in JPEG format. Following the filemaker documentation i execute the following request : SELECT GetAs("PhotoA", 'JPEG') AS PhotoA FROM MyTable but i only get a string limited to 255 caracters. How to exceed this limit ?

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where is this in the documentation? Where have you put this SQL query? Is the field you are saving to a container field? – Andy Hayden Oct 7 '12 at 8:37
1)I read it in… pages 40/41 (2) the SQL query is executed through a pdo statement with a pdo odbc connexion (3)Yes the field is a container field – Eddy G. Oct 9 '12 at 6:06

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You need to use GETAS to return the contents of a container field

SELECT Company_Brochures FROM Sales_Data SELECT GETAS(Company_Logo, 'JPEG') FROM Sales_Data.

Where "JPEG" is the format of the image File.

There are bunch of possible Formats you can use that are listed here on this post

I believe that FileMaker always stores a JPEG version of an image along with what ever other format you put in it. So you can always use JPEG to get it out.

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