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How to set User Preferences for font family to a wpf mvvm application in c#?

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you can create a global Style for TargetType Window and there set the Preference .

the resource :

    <Style TargetType="Window" x:Key="WindowStyle">
        <Setter Property="FontFamily" Value="{Binding FontFamilyPrefernce}" />                      

the View :

 <Window Style="{StaticResource WindowStyle}">
          <TextBox />

the ViewModel :

    public SomeViewModel()
        FontFamilyPrefernce = new FontFamily("Algerian");

    private FontFamily fontFamilyPrefernce;
    public FontFamily FontFamilyPrefernce 
        get {return fontFamilyPrefernce ;}
            fontFamilyPrefernce = value;

hope this helps ..

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