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Since HttpUtility is not available in WinRT, I was wondering if there's a straightforward way to parse HTTP query strings?

Is there acctually some equialent to HttpUtility.ParseQueryString in WinRT?

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Instead of HttpUtility.ParseQueryString you can use WwwFormUrlDecoder.

Here's an example I grabbed here

using System;
using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestPlatform.UnitTestFramework;
using Windows.Foundation;

public class Tests
    public void TestWwwFormUrlDecoder()
        Uri uri = new Uri("http://example.com/?a=foo&b=bar&c=baz");
        WwwFormUrlDecoder decoder = new WwwFormUrlDecoder(uri.Query);

        // named parameters
        Assert.AreEqual("foo", decoder.GetFirstValueByName("a"));

        // named parameter that doesn't exist
        Assert.ThrowsException<ArgumentException>(() => {

        // number of parameters
        Assert.AreEqual(3, decoder.Count);

        // ordered parameters
        Assert.AreEqual("b", decoder[1].Name);
        Assert.AreEqual("bar", decoder[1].Value);

        // ordered parameter that doesn't exist
        Assert.ThrowsException<ArgumentException>(() => {
            IWwwFormUrlDecoderEntry notPresent = decoder[3];
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