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I need to create thumbnails of pdf files, and I am using Imagemagick to achieve that.

I have tried Pythonmagick and wand to convert the pdf to an image. However, when I try to resize the converted pdf, the resulting image becomes black.

Is there any option to set -define pdf:use-cropbox=true using python wrappers?

Is there any other method in Python to convert a pdf to a thumbnail?

The code is as follows:

    import wand
    img = wand.image.Image(filename="d:\\test.pdf[0]")
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I found work around for this problem. Convert pdf into image 1st and save the image. open newly saved image and and resize it.

import wand
img = wand.image.Image(filename="d:\\test.pdf[0]")
img = wand.image.Image(filename="d:\\temp.jpg")

I am still waiting for better answer.

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I would suggest that the intermediate saving to "d:\\temp.jpg" used a lossless format so as not to introduce any extra compression artefacts into the final image. –  awatts Dec 3 '12 at 12:14

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