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I'm trying to loop a query in cfscript. I think I have it, but it the query loops into infinity.

Can someone tell me what is wrong in the following:

    // loop single msg
    variables.allRows = current_message.recordcount;
    for ( variables.intRow = 1 ; variables.allRows LTE variables.intRow ; variables.intRow = variables.intRow + 1 ){
        variables.msg_id_viewed = current_message[ "com_msg_id" ][ variables.intRow ];
        variables.msg_app_alias = current_message[ "com_app_alias" ][variables.intRow];
        variables.msg_img_ext = current_message[ "com_img" ][ variables.intRow ];

The query current_message returns a single record, so this should loop once only.

Thanks for help!

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You have your condition around the wrong way.

It should be:

variables.intRow LTE variables.allRows 

I suspect current_message actually has multiple rows. Did you actually check, or did you simply run on the assumption that that's what you're expecting? Because it looks to me like variables.allRows LTE variables.intRow is evaluating to false, which suggests variables.allRows is greater than one when you first start.

In regards to this:

The query current_message returns a single record, so this should loop once only.

If there's only one row - and you know this to be the case - why are you looping?

That said, what version of ColdFusion are you on? In CF10 one can loop over a recordset with the for/in construct, thus:

for (row in recordset){
    // row is a struct keyed on each column name, the values being the value for that column/row
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Thanks for the answer. I'm using Coldfusion8. Why I'm looping over the query? What other way is there to iterate over a query :-)? I only know cfoutput query=... but since I'm using cfouput for outputting to the page, I'm always cf-looping when I want to get query results. Then... I'm using CF for a few months only, so, how should I get the query result then (it is one record, cause I*m pulling from message by message_id and user_id) –  frequent Oct 6 '12 at 14:50
"What other way is there to iterate over a query :-)?" The thing is you don't need to iterate over it if there's only one record: just access it directly! One can always access a recordset via the queryName.columnName[rowIndex] syntax (as you are in your loop, but you needn't be in a loop if you can directly specify the rowIndex). The only benefit using a query loop gives you is that it increments the rowIndex for you. And in the case of <cfoutput> and <cfloop>, they also expose the current row's columns without the need to specify the index. –  Adam Cameron Oct 6 '12 at 18:28
ok. I didn't know the queryName.columnName[rowIndex].... Cool. Thanks a lot. This saves a ton of looping :-) –  frequent Oct 6 '12 at 20:13
Well ya did know about it... you were using it in the code you posted in yer question! But anyway, glad the pieces clicked together. –  Adam Cameron Oct 6 '12 at 23:30

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