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I am using GridFsOperations API of spring-data for mongodb to store large files in chunks in the db. Here is my code:

private GridFsOperations gridOperation;

public String save(InputStream inputStream, String contentType, String filename) {
  GridFSFile file = gridOperation.store(inputStream, filename, metaData);
  return file.getId().toString();

The code works fine but it always stores files in collections starting with prefix "fs", which is the default in mongodb. Is there a way to specify a different prefix so that I can have different files and chunks for different kinds of files to be stored?

EDIT: additional question

How do I specify the chunk size? Is it advisable to have different chunk sizes for different kinds of files, for example - 2 mb for image files and 10 mb for video files?

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alright, I found out how to use other prefixes using GridFSTemplate directly instead of GridFSOperations, which seems to be still under development. Now, all I want to know is how to fix the chunk size and whether its good to force a particular size in mongo. –  Jayz Oct 7 '12 at 18:54

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I got solutions to both my questions (configure chunk sizes in my code and use different prefixes) using GridFS and GridFSInputFile classes instead of GridFSTemplate or GridFSOperations.

I still want to know if its advisable to have different chunk sizes.

For anybody who may want to know, here is the code snippet:

private MongoDbFactory dbFactory;

public String save(InputStream inputStream, String contentType, String filename, String username, String bucket) {
  DBObject metaData = ....(create metadata here)

  GridFS gridFS = new GridFS(dbFactory.getDb(), bucket);
    GridFSInputFile gridFSInputFile = gridFS.createFile(inputStream);

        gridFSInputFile.setChunkSize(1024000);  //1 mb
    } else if(bucket.equals("mp3")){
        gridFSInputFile.setChunkSize(10240000); //10 mb

    try {
    } catch (IOException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    return gridFSInputFile.getId().toString();
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You are directly using MongoDB Java APIs. Would be good if Spring-Data enhances it's GridFS APIs to support selecting the buckets while storing the documents. –  hi10 Sep 27 '13 at 18:03

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