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When dumping my database 9.0 with the aim to re import it in 9.2, I have issues with schemas.

For example, my table bar in schema foo is exported like this :

SET search_path = foo, pg_catalog;
ALTER TABLE foo.bar OWNER TO johndoe;

Importing this in 9.2 does not work as expected because the table bar is created in the schema 'public'. The ALTER TABLE statement fails with 'ERROR: relation "foo.bar" does not exist'.

I thought the 'SET search_path' directive issued by the *pg_dump* command in the dump file would be ok to set the default schema (and it works when importing in 9.0) but it doesn't work in 9.2.

Is there a way to make the pg_dump output different with explicit schema name ? Do I miss a configuration directive ?

Thanks in advance for any help !


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I replaced every element that needed an explicit schema name in the dump file and it did the job... No big deal.

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