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I have this string ($query) returning from preg_replace

'SELECT ({$array["sum"]}/ 5)'

how can i evaluate it, so that the result would be 'SELECT (100/5)' for example !

I tried


But with no success!

Do you have a better idea ?

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you're not using eval right:

$evaluated = eval("return $query;");

take care you do not have any syntax errors. also you just might do it wrong when you build SQL queries this way. Just saying, I hope you're old enough.

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Thanks a lot, this worked fine!! I will definitely add more security precautions. The final string will actually look something like this :) input example: "SELECT ({total_price.total_id}/ 5)" output: "SELECT (".mysqli_real_escape_string($this->app_array["application"]["sql"]["total_price‌​"]["total_id"])."/ 5)" –  UnLoCo Oct 6 '12 at 13:51

Just replace the single quotes ' with double quotes ".

"SELECT ({$array["sum"]}/ 5)"

And it is not a good idea to use eval() during $_POST or while getting input from users. Just a suggestion.

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Thanks for the idea, i will test it :) –  UnLoCo Oct 6 '12 at 13:35

Just glue them together with the . operator:

$array['sum'] = 100;
echo 'SELECT (' . $array['sum' ] . ' / 5)';

will result in:

SELECT (100 / 5)
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The string is coming right from a preg_replace :) I will try to produce a similar string and evaluate it though. So thanks :) –  UnLoCo Oct 6 '12 at 13:41

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