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In XAML I implemented a GridView binded with data. In the GridViewItem I put a StackPanel with TextBlock etc. and I would like to manipulate the look of the TextBlock (by its attributes) when that specific GridViewItem is clicked. I can't reach the TextBlock from the C# code so I can't reach its attributes either. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance. Here is some XAML code:

<GridView x:Name="gw" ...>
         <GridViewItem x:Name="gwi">
              <TextBlock x:Name="tb">
                 <Run Text="{Binding SomeData}"/>

In this example, how can I use the "tb" named TextBlock and its attributes? I can use only "gw".

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I don't think it's possible to access each individual element in the data template. You can however, modify the TextBlock's attributes using data binding. You can use a binding converter to convert the values as may be required.

Refer to

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