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i use one controller for upload files (UploadImageController with action AddFiles returned partial view)

in other controllers in view it use as: @{ Html.RenderAction(MVC.Admin.UploadImage.AddFiles(new MyImageService())); }

where MyImageService is class with informaion about upload path, image sazes and other (MyImageService : IImageService)

in UploadImageController i add property IImageService _imageService { get; set; } and AddFiles action:

public virtual PartialViewResult AddFiles(IImageService service)
    _imageService = service;
    return PartialView();

when i try upload files in action

public virtual ActionResult UploadFiles()

my property _imageService == null, why and how i can change it?

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It is recommended to initialize the Controller's field in the Constructor (i.e. before the Action call):

private IImageService _imageService;
public UploadImageController(IImageService service) {
    _imageService = service;
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i try. is the first thing I did, all the same '_imageService == null' –  Anton Zimm Oct 7 '12 at 18:50
when i call action 'AddFiles' constructor is executed, but when called 'UploadFiles()' my imageService is null...currently i add enum 'ServiceTypa' as Model for uploader view, and then use model as parameter for 'UploadFiles(ServiceType type)' –  Anton Zimm Oct 7 '12 at 18:52

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