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I am using R on Windows 7. Apparently R somehow found evidence that I speak languages besides English, and stubbornly insists on giving output in the console in my own language. For a variety of reasons, this is undesirable, and I want R to be English.

What works

I am able to use LANGUAGE=en as a command line option for the R console desktop shortcut, but the language is still wrong in Rstudio, which launches the R executable directly and hence ignores the command line arguments in the shortcut.

What doesn't work

I have tried creating an .Renviron file under C:\Users\[MY_NAME]\Documents, which is the path returned for the working directory by getwd(), with LANGUAGE=en in it. R ignores this. My R_ENVIRON and R_ENVIRON_USER variables show up as "" so .Renviron should be the correct filename.

I have also tried creating .Renviron under R_HOME\etc (R_HOME points to C:/PROGRA~1/R/R-215~1.0) and R also ignores it.

I was somewhat successful with adding Sys.setenv(LANGUAGE="en") in R_HOME\etc - this made all output from the R console English, except for the initial copyright information.

The question

How can I make R default to English such that this is propagated to RStudio?

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On a fresh install, adding LANGUAGE=en to the Rprofile.site file (which exists by default under R_HOME\etc) will make R's language English in the R console as well as RStudio. This can be overridden by code in the working directory and RStudio's individual projects.

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As @fffchao says: "it should be the Rconsole file, instead of Rprofile.site" –  kmxillo Jun 11 '14 at 18:11

it should be the Rconsole file, instead of Rprofile.site.

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The problem is not in R or in RStudio, the problem is in your Windows language configuration.

If you are using Windows, you have to set it like this (e.g. Windows 7):

  1. Control Panel
  2. Region and language.

    2.1. Go to the Tab "Administrative"

    • "Language for non-Unicode programs", then set it in the "Change system locale" button.

    2.2. If you want, you can set it also the Tab "Format" in Format.

Cheers, Darwin PC

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This fixed my problem that I was having with a bunch of programs –  chandler Jan 31 '14 at 20:30

First, go to the etc folder under R program files folder. Then locate Rconsole file. Find the line language =, change it to language = en if you want to run R in English.

Note: right click on the Rconsole file icon, select Property and grant yourself the permission to modify the file.

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