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In Symfony2 TWIG, when trying to generate a path like this:

<a href="{{ path('folder_new', { 'folder': }) }}">

I don't get the route I expected

Here is what I expected:


here is what I in fact got from the path() command


Why do I get it formatted as a standard querystring (get) variable instead of a route?

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The reason is that I named the variable wrong.

    pattern:  /new/{parent}
    defaults: { _controller: "AcmeBundle:Folder:new", parent : NULL }

In my routing I had called the variable parent and not folder.

Correct path() should have been like this:

<a href="{{ path('folder_new', { 'parent': }) }}">

So, I learned that when Symfony2 can't find a route parameter matching the variable passed to the path() function, it appends the variable in standard querystring ($__GET) format instead of generating an error message.

Would have found it quicker if there were an error message, but I see the use of having it the way it is.

Cheers! =)

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Even though I knew it, I voted up :) Please, add also a link to the lines of code, where this query appending appears. – Vitaliy Zurian Oct 7 '12 at 19:02

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