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I'm searching for the best pratices to threat massive requests using jQuery ajax. Basically I have this situation:

var req = 0;
var p; // global scope
function getServerLoad() {
    p = $.ajax({
        url: 'system/sysload/get-server-load/'+req,
        method: 'get',
        dataType: 'json',
        timeout: 1000,
        success:  function(r) {
            if (r.success) {
                // print server loads
            } else {
                // abnormal situation
        error: function() {
            // http error or timeout action

Looking at Browserscope in my Firefox 15 I can do at max 17 connections and only 6 connections per Hostname.

In this case I tried one solution: make a wildcard CNAME at DNS and point r[1...999999].mydomain.com to www.mydomain.com, but Firefox doesn't allows connection to subdomain. I think will be threathed like an XSS.

I have another idea analyzing Google Suggest and this post (In Portuguese).


In resume, in firsts versions of Google Suggest it doesn't uses Ajax. It make get requests by creating and replacing dynamic <script> elements - it's a smart solution because some older browsers doesn't suports XmlHttpRequest component, and by replacing old requests under user typing an search term will have only 1 (one) concurrent search request - it's because every new onkeyup event will overwrite the last request.

By the way... I see similar questions in stackoverflow, but specifically in a enviroment with Linux / PHP / Apache<<--reverse-proxy-->>nginx, somebody have a nice solution?

PS: sorry for the bad english.

Thanks in advance!

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Finaly I found one solution creating a DNS wilcard like *.myappdomain.com

And using JOSNP for ajax in cross-domain, worked like a charm.

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