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I have an array with two Mongoid::Criteria

      selector: {"news_category_id"=>"1"},
      options:  {:sort=>[[:published_date, :desc]], :limit=>1},
      class:    News,
      embedded: false>
    , #<Mongoid::Criteria
      selector: {"news_category_id"=>"2"},
      options:  {:sort=>[[:published_date, :desc]], :limit=>1},
      class:    News,
      embedded: false>

How can I get one Mongoid::Criteria object from that array of criteria?

When that array rendered , it contains "Array of Array of json objects" and I want an array of json objects. (single merged array of json)

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the array, which contains "Array of Array of json objects" to make a "Array of json object" i have come up with the following solution

array_of_criteria.collect { |aoc| aoc.to_a}.flatten
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Criteria has a merge method http://rdoc.info/github/mongoid/mongoid/master/Mongoid/Criteria#merge-instance_method

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In my case it does't work. if I do array.first.merge(array.second) it returns second criteria object. –  suvankar Oct 8 '12 at 5:15
@suvankar Of course it does. You are trying to merge 2 criteria with the same selectors. You cannot have 1 document with 2 different news_category_id. Merge will basically perform an "and" on your different criteria –  Oktav Oct 15 '13 at 15:39

You can use:

criteria1.concat(criteria2) #this worked for me. 
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